Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations in excess of 24 hours will be eligible for a refund fare less an administration fee.

Cancellations less than 24 hours do not receive a refund.

Late Departures

Customers that have booked a service and they fail to depart at the booked time causing the service to terminate late at the destination will render themselves liable for additional time charges associated with the vehicle and driver. If a customer is excessively late for their allocated departure Gold Coast Coachlines cannot guarantee that a vehicle will be available will need to make alternative travel arrangements at their own expense.

Travel Insurance

Customers are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance prior to their departure, as protection against any loss, damage or cancellation- ask your travel consultant for details.

At Own Risk (AOR) Disclaimer

When booking with Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd we suggest you choose our recommended pick up time. Customers departing on Gold Coast Airport flights should leave Gold Coast vicinity 2.25 Hours prior to flight departure, customers departing on Brisbane flights should leave the Gold Coast vicinity 3.25 Hours prior to flight departure. Customers who choose to travel under an AOR service time accept the responsibility of any missed flights due to traffic or any other unforeseen circumstances which result in delays. All passengers who have selected an AOR service will not be eligible for compensation, refund or reimbursement. We do not recommend our clients book AOR.

Lost Property Policy

Lost property can be claimed by contacting our office on 07 55916799. Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for any lost property. If any lost property has been located, it will be held at our base of operations for a period of 30 days. After the 30-day period has passed all lost property items will be donated to charity. If you wish to have your lost property delivered to you, additional costs may apply.

Pick-Up Procedure

Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd services should arrive 10 minutes prior to your confirmed departure time. Customers should be ready and waiting outside the designated pickup location for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to departure time. Our services need to depart immediately once the confirmed departure time occurs. Our services may not be able to wait for passengers that are not ready to board. Drivers are not responsible to locate passengers if they are not readily waiting at the designated pickup area. Customers that are not ready and waiting during the outlined times resulting in a missed transfer; may not be eligible for refund or reimbursement.

If your vehicle has not arrived 10 minutes prior to your departure time, please call Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd on 07 55916799 ASAP. Passengers who miss their service and are not contactable by phone or who choose to take alternate transport without calling to cancel their service may not be eligible for a refund or reimbursement.

Service Interruptions

Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd does not take responsibility for delays due to traffic or any other factor outside of the control of the company. All vehicles are digitally tracked, and all movements recorded. Due to the geographical logistics of the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane; a secondary service may be required to minimize travel time in an endeavour to provide a timelier service. Refunds/reimbursements are not given due to service interruptions outside of our control. Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter the times and destinations as necessary.


All passengers need to ensure they can board, disembark (via hoist assistance if booked) and move around the bus unaided or, alternatively travel with a care assistant or companion.


MUST be advised at the time of booking. If a wheelchair bound client is booked they must have appropriate carers to assist with boarding the coach. The drivers will make every effort to assist, but they do not have the training or physical attributes to be able to help at all times

Pricing Policy

All prices are retail, include GST and are shown in Australian dollars.

Baggage Information

Luggage is limited to one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person (as per airport weight guidelines). Surcharges may apply to additional luggage items. Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd does not guarantee physical space availability for excessive luggage amounts. All luggage must be clearly labelled by the customers, including name and residential address. Customers should carry valuable and fragile items (e.g. jewellery, expensive equipment, cash etc.) on-board. Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd shall not be liable for the loss of or damage to any personal effects, luggage or other goods, whether or not such loss or damage is suffered, or is caused by anything occurring before, after, or in the course of any journey.

Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd Policy

Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd policy is to ensure you get to your destination stress-free and on time, every time and we are committed to it!

In an effort to ensure our services get you to your destination on time, every time, Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd monitors’ real-time traffic conditions. Our service schedules are adjusted in accordance with perceived delays minimizing the impact on our departure and arrival times.

Customers who fail to arrive at their intended destination and or meet their designated flights due to unforeseen circumstances that arise outside of Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd control would generally be covered under their own travel insurance policies. These may include but are not limited to:

Natural disaster/severe weather conditions.

Industrial action preventing Gold Coast Coachlines Pty Ltd from providing regular t services.

If you or your agent supply us with the incorrect booking information.

Traffic accidents causing the closure of the route.


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