Due Diligence - Compliance Checklist

Not all passenger transport companies are what they portray to be

Successful and reputable passenger transport companies require significant investment in fleet, human resources and depot with maintenance facilities. Some companies claim to be bus & coach operators but are just providing a booking and or broker service and tender your request to the lowest bidder to make a margin.

Some companies may look like they have large fleets online and post photos of vehicles that are not in their fleet or even utilise inferior cheaper vehicles manufactured in Asian countries that simply are not equipped with all the very best safety equipment the European vehicles have.

Make sure you are dealing with a reputable and accredited company who is committed to industry best practice to ensure your group move only on vehicles equipped with the best possible safety equipment.

Social Group Bus Charter

Appropriate due diligence checks and or inspections will also safeguard you against legal Chain of Responsibility requirements under Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Will the company provide you with the age, registration, make and country of manufacture details of the coach/s rostered to your booking?

Has the company made available to you an inspection of it’s vehicles and depot with maintenance facilities so as to ensure you comply with your due diligence requirements?

Is the company accredited to provide passenger transport? Does the company and or its directors hold multi-state accreditation?

Does the company do vehicle maintenance in their own workshops and employ qualified mechanics and engineers? What will happen if you break down on the day?

Are black-box computers and tracking on-board every vehicle? Is this tracking made available to the customer in real-time? Do they record in real-time the vehicles movements including speed for safety and control?

Does the company operate a 24/7 and monitors all vehicles and drivers?

Does the company do a fit-to-drive check on all drivers including breath-testing for alcohol?

Do the company drivers have live vehicle operating systems apps available on their phones?

Has the company held accreditation for an appropriate lengthy period? Ask for the accreditation number? The lower the number the longer the company has been successfully operating.

Is your driver appropriately qualified with a current Driver Authority issued in the state of operation?

Does the company use a fatigue management system to roster their drivers appropriately?

Does the company have a comprehensive safety management system that complies with relevant State and Territory law? If so, ask for evidence of this.

Lonestar Coachlines proudly answers YES to all these criteria.

For more than 26 years we have been providing a value for money, efficient and effective passenger transport solutions with a focus on quality and safety for our customers. To be truly travelling in safe hands make your next booking with our friendly staff at Lonestar Coachlines.