Same interest group charters

Sports club transport

We can provide a reliable form of transportation that will meet the needs of your sports club all year round. From small 4 person teams to large 57+ teams with supporters and gear, Lonestar has what your transport sorted.

Group events transport

Avoid the hassle of having to find car parks at your next event and get dropped off and picked up from the front door with our event charter coaches.

Ski trip transport

Save your energy for the slope, not the drive. Hire a bus to drive you and your friends to the ski slopes so you can focus on making memories with friends.

Local events shuttles

Avoid the hassle of having to find car parks at any of the Gold Coast amazing events. Most events have special drop off and pick up points for chartered buses, so you can get around the lines and hassle of parking.

One of Lonestars buses taking a same interest group to a flower show.
Interior of Emma, Lonestars executive buses available for bus charters
Social Group Bus Charter
Group Events bus hire